Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men- Its Potential Benefits and Risks

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men looks fancy for many. But, still, people are unaware of the pros and cons concerning T-therapy. Some people might take it as a miraculous “anti-aging formula”, while for some it might be the ultimate solution for all androgen deficiency issues.

Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding testosterone as HRT.

Do Testosterone Levels Alter With Age?

Do Testosterone Levels Alter With Age?

Testosterone primarily helps men for managing bone density, equal fat distribution, muscle strength, sex drive, sperm production, and red blood cell production. Hypogonadism is a disease which affects the normal production of testosterone.

In this situation, there are issues of testosterone levels getting declined after the age of 40 in around 1% of men of that age. In such cases, T-therapy can be highly beneficial.

Is T-therapy Helpful In Promoting Vitality?

T-therapy is beneficial for reversing hypogonadism condition. However, it’s benefits in otherwise healthy older men is still doubtful. Various studies have shown mixed results where testosterone did increase muscle mass but did not have any effect over strength.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Hormone Therapy in Men?

Whether you are dealing with low T, or hypogonadism or have any other conditions liked to testosterone levels, T-therapy can be highly beneficial. Here’s how opting for T-therapy can be beneficial for maintaining good health.

  • Helps in Maintaining the Health of Heart

Helps in Maintaining the Health of Heart

Often there are cases where low-T levels are linked to a range of cardiovascular risks. Testosterone therapy helps in increasing the production of red blood cells via bone marrow.

There are many reports that found men using testosterone levels were 24% less likely to have any kind of heart attack along with approximately 36% less likely to experience a stroke.

  • Reduces the Amount of Fat While Enhancing More Muscle

Reduces the Amount of Fat While Enhancing More Muscle

Testosterone is helpful in increasing the muscle mass in men. For men with low-T levels, studies have shown that T-therapy helped to decrease fat mass, increase muscle size and strength. For more effects, testosterone therapy is more beneficial with strength training and exercise.

  • Promotes the Bone Strength

Promotes the Bone Strength

Testosterone plays an important role in managing bone mineral density. So, when the levels decline, there are risks involved in terms of bones getting weak, and eventually resulting in osteoporosis.

Clinical studies have shown that T-therapy helps in increasing the levels of spinal and hip bone density. Hence, reducing the risk of fractures significantly.

  • Improving Sexual Activity

Improving Sexual Activity

Testosterone levels are useful for maintaining adequate sexual arousal and activity. Therefore, men with lower levels of T-therapy might have issues of libido and erectile function.

Studies have shown that testosterone therapy for men improves the sexual activity as well as performance.

Are there any Risks Involved?

There are some of the risks involved in T-therapy such as-

  • Sleep apnea
  • Acne or other skin conditions
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Reduced production of sperms
  • Increase in the formation of Blood clots

Do you Need to Consult Men Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics?

Its right to be confused regarding the effects of T-therapy. So, if you are wondering whether or not to go for testosterone therapy, then consulting a specialist will be highly beneficial for you. Your doctor might even prescribe natural ways to boost the hormonal levels before considering hormone replacement therapy for men.

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